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Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) that’s data-led and intelligent.

CRO is something that all marketers love to claim to understand, but something that few marketers really get. At Epic, our data-led conversion rate optimisation strategies are designed to change the way that your customers act on your website, to dramatically improve the ROI of all of your marketing methods. And we don’t just rely on our experience and analytical skills to achieve this – we have our own benchmarking tools to split test, heat map and user test your website to make valuable improvements. We’re of the belief that CRO is all about your audience – and we promise to improve your audience’s experience of your brand.

A/B testing, user testing, heat mapping and analysis – the road to success.

CRO is all about your audience. But for it to be effective, it must go beyond best practices – CRO must incorporate proper testing. That’s why we employ the latest techniques to understand your audience such as A/B testing, user testing, heat mapping, eye-tracking and user path analysis to optimise your website and make improvements. Importantly, we will work to understand how your customers feel about using your website and make changes which benefit their journeys. Changes could include simple things like altering the colours of CTAs, or complex things like altering the entire online sales funnel.

Understanding customer behaviour is the key to CRO.

You’d be right if you said that CRO is about identifying how users convert – but there’s a lot more to it than that. Crucially, it’s also about identifying why some users do and why some users don’t convert. And then once this has been established, it’s all about making data-led decisions that will have a positive impact. We use our own products to ascertain such data and this enables us to optimise your customer’s experiences to maximise ROI. We also take an independent approach to this, utilising our in-house resources to develop an effective and lucrative conversion strategy for your website through unique CRO testing methods.

Results are all that matter to us and thankfully, CRO is easily tracked.

CRO is one of the easiest things to keep a track of – especially with Epic. It’s measurable and actionable and this makes it a fantastic investment for all businesses. If you are thinking about CRO, consider this – if you do not keep up with your audience, your brand experience will quickly become outdated and you’ll lose customers to the competition. And when you consider that converting your current audience costs less than converting a new audience, CRO quickly becomes one of the wisest investments in this online age. But like we said – you need to take on the services of marketers who really do know what they are doing.

Contact us to discuss CRO for your business today.

Get lots of targeted traffic but few conversions? Are people abandoning your checkout after spending significant time on your site? Conversion rate optimisation is a way for you to get answers to all of your conversion-related questions – and Epic is here to help