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In today’s digital age, a robust online presence has become a necessity for all businesses, including solicitors. When most of us are looking for a local service, the first thing we do is reach for our phones and use a search engine. It’s not enough to provide an exceptional service and receive excellent reviews and testimonials: search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial to all businesses, including solicitors.

What is SEO for Solicitors?

SEO, short for search engine optimisation, refers to the process of improving a website’s ranking and visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) to draw more organic traffic. For solicitors, the ultimate goal is to appear at the top of search engine results when people search for legal services in their area.

SEO has become a crucial element for solicitors in attracting new clients and expanding their business. Many people turn to search engines like Google to find legal services, so it’s important that solicitors maintain a strong online presence that facilitates the discovery of their business by potential clients.

Optimising a Law Firm’s website for SEO involves several aspects, including content, structure and technical performance. This will involve keyword research to identify the search terms that prospective clients are using, creating high-quality content that targets those keywords and ensuring that the website is easy to navigate and loads quickly.

In addition, solicitors’ SEO efforts may extend to optimising their online presence beyond their website, such as by constructing links from reputable websites and managing online reviews and directories. By adopting a comprehensive approach to SEO, solicitors can improve their online visibility and attract more clients to their business.

Optimising a law firm’s website for search engines involves several steps, each of which is essential for achieving better search rankings and attracting more clients. SEO specialists can help audit and improve SEO quickly and effectively. Here are the steps involved:

Conduct an SEO audit of your site. Auditing a website for SEO optimisation is a process to identify areas of strength and weakness. This involves evaluating various aspects of the website (both technical and non-technical). Things like structure, content, performance and backlinks are reviewed and analysed to determine any factors that could be impeding the site’s ability to rank higher in search results. The goal of an SEO site audit is to provide actionable recommendations for improving a website’s SEO and overall online visibility.

Review the website page speeds. Slow loading times can negatively impact a website’s search rankings. This is because search engines like Google prioritise user experience. If a website is slow to load, it can lead to poor user experience and increased bounce rates – which Google will notice!

Keyword Research. The process of identifying relevant keywords with good search volumes. For Solicitors, these are typically “solicitors” or “lawyers” and the type of claim (personal injury, accident at work, road traffic accident, etc.) or the type of services (conveyancing, divorce, wills, etc.) people are seeking, plus the potential client’s location, i.e. “Personal Injury Solicitors Manchester” and “Conveyancing Solicitors London”.

The competitiveness of keywords is also a consideration as targeting less competitive keywords is likely to achieve quicker results.

Optimise content. After identifying keywords that rank, the website’s content needs to be updated to include them in a way that is both natural and helpful for visitors. Having a strategy for how you use keywords is important, which is where SEO specialists can help.

Create new content. Besides reviewing existing content, you should look to create new content that targets relevant keywords and provides valuable information to potential clients.

Develop backlinks. Developing a strong backlink profile is crucial for building authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines. Backlinks are generally seen as one of the most important ranking factors.

With tens of thousands of searches conducted every month for solicitor-related keywords, having a strong SEO strategy can generate recurring leads, new clients and, ultimately, revenue for a law firm. By optimising their website and online presence, solicitors can increase their chances of attracting high-quality leads and growing their business. Without a strong SEO strategy, on the other hand, they risk losing out to competitors whose better positions in search results might mean missing potential clients

The following reasons are why legal practices should prioritise SEO:

High Demand

There is a high demand for property-related keywords so there is potential to drive a high volume of relevant traffic to your website.

Below are some examples of popular keywords along with the number of monthly searches these keywords receive:

KeywordNumber of Monthly Searches
conveyancing solicitors london900
family solicitors manchester600
medical negligence solicitors london600
family solicitors edinburgh500
family law solicitors birmingham500
conveyancing solicitors nottingham450
conveyancing solicitors leicester450
conveyancing solicitors birmingham450
conveyancing solicitors manchester450
family law solicitors cardiff450
property solicitors london450
medical negligence solicitors birmingham450
family law solicitors leicester400
property solicitors glasgow400
personal injury solicitors manchester300
personal injury solicitors london250
property solicitors edinburgh250
property solicitors birmingham250

Strong ROI

As illustrated above, there is a high demand for related keywords. Organic Search is a channel that is effective at driving leads. People who are searching for specific service keywords are far down the buying cycle as they are searching with intent and are likely looking for a solicitor to engage with.

Ranking well for relevancy keywords and converting traffic into cases will have a big impacts on solicitors’ bottomline.

Brand Awareness

Increasing your website’s visibility in search results leads to more brand awareness.

More potential clients will come into contact with your brand, which will develop your brand recognition and credibility. This will help your business to grow.

Leads to a Better Website

The process of optimising a website for SEO leads to a better website. SEO improves the following factors:

  • Site speed
  • Navigation
  • Usability
  • Content

All of these factors lead to a better website in general, which helps traffic generated from other channels, such as social media, email and direct.

Your Competitors are Doing it

SEO isn’t a new marketing channel for Solcitirs as there are Solicitors in each major location that are generating traffic and new clients from Organic Search, so legal practice websites that aren’t performing well for Organic Search are losing out on new clients and revenue.

How does SEO work for Solicitors?

In a nutshell, SEO is the process through which digital marketing specialists will work with you and your website to enhance where you come in on SERP rankings.

Search engine optimisation improves the way customers can find you organically, and can boost traffic to your website exponentially – increasing leads.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

There are typically two main ways to deliver SEO campaigns – by internal marketing teams or by an external SEO agency.

The costs can differ significantly as can delivery.

Existing internal marketing teams might not necessarily feature an experienced SEO specialist, which is required to achieve results, and salaries are required.

Whereas, external SEO agencies have experienced specialists and can deliver results for a fraction of the costs of an internal team.

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