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In today’s digital era, establishing a strong online presence is important for all businesses, and financial services are no different. When people seek financial services or expertise, the first thing they do is search online. Simply offering great services and receiving good reviews isn’t sufficient anymore; search engine optimisation (SEO) has a huge part to play across all sectors, financial services included.

What is SEO for Financial Services?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is the process of attracting more organic traffic to a website by enhancing its visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). The primary objective of financial services providers is to secure a prominent position in search engine results when potential clients search for financial services in their local area.

SEO is vital for financial services seeking to acquire new clients and expand their clientele. Search engines like Google are used every day to find financial services, which shows how important it is for financial services providers to maintain a robust presence, so their business is discoverable.

There are a range of factors that go into optimising a financial services provider’s website for SEO. This includes content, structure and technical aspects. This means researching keywords to find the most searched-for terms, creating relevant, high-quality content using the keywords and making sure the website is quick to load and user-friendly.

Financial services providers’ SEO endeavours may also extend beyond website optimisation to include enhancing their online presence through the likes of backlinks from high-authority websites and managing online reviews and directories. When financial services and accounting websites approach SEO more comprehensively, more potential clients will see, visit and convert into customers.

There are several steps involved in optimising an accountant’s or a financial services provider’s website for SEO and each is crucial for improved search rankings and gaining more customers. SEO experts can expedite the process and provide effective solutions. Here are the steps involved:

1. Conduct an SEO audit of your website: An SEO audit involves evaluating various aspects of the website, both technical and non-technical, to identify areas of strength and weakness. This includes looking at content, structure, performance and backlinks, for example, to analyse how the site can rank higher. This audit aims to come up with potential changes to make to improve SEO and visibility.

2. Review page speeds: Search engines prioritise user experience. As such, they rank slow-loading websites lower. This is because bounce rates are higher on these sites, which signals to search engines that the user experience is poor.

3. Keyword Research: Identifying relevant keywords with substantial search volumes is essential for financial services providers. These typically include terms like “accounting services” and “tax returns,” coupled with specific services like “audit assistance,” “tax planning,” and the potential client’s location. For example, “accounting auditing services Manchester.”

It’s not just search volume that matters, though. It’s also important to target less competitive keywords, which can achieve great results quickly.

4. Optimise content: Incorporating identified keywords naturally into website content is crucial for SEO success. Having a strategic approach to keyword usage is vital to ensure content remains informative and engaging for visitors. This is where financial services SEO specialists can help.

5. Content creation: As well as optimising existing content, it is also important to create fresh content targeting relevant keywords. This is crucial for having a dynamic online presence and attracting new clients.

6. Develop backlinks: Building a robust backlink profile from authoritative websites enhances an accounting firm’s credibility and authority in the eyes of search engines.

With thousands of searches for accounting-related keywords, implementing a robust SEO strategy can yield recurring leads, new clients and increased revenue for accounting firms. Through website optimisation and improved online presence, accountants can gain high-quality leads and expand their reach. Without a robust SEO strategy, however, they risk losing potential clients to competitors with better search rankings.

Reasons Why Financial Services Providers Should Prioritise SEO:

1. High Demand: There is significant demand for accounting-related keywords, presenting ample opportunities to drive relevant traffic to your website.

Below are some examples of popular keywords along with the number of monthly searches these keywords receive:

KeywordNumber of Monthly Searches
accountants near me7,900
tax advisor1,600
accountants in london1,000
ecommerce accountants450
accountants chester450
chartered accountants400
tax accountants400
small business accountants400
accountants birmingham350
property accountants350
accountants norwich300
accountants bristol250
accountants liverpool250
accountants northampton250
accountants coventry250
accountants glasgow250
tax advisor london250
accountants for startups150
vat accountant100
bookkeeper service90

2. Strong ROI: Ranking well for relevant keywords can translate into increased leads and conversions. This impacts the bottom line of financial services firms significantly.

3. Brand Awareness: Improved visibility in search results enhances brand recognition and credibility, fostering business growth.

4. Better Website: SEO optimisation leads to a better website overall. It improves factors like site speed, navigation, usability and content quality.

5. Competitive Advantage: Given the prevalence of SEO among accounting practices, failing to invest in SEO can result in missed opportunities and loss of revenue to competitors.

How Does SEO Work for Financial Services?

Essentially, SEO involves collaborating with digital marketing specialists to enhance a firm’s visibility on SERPs. By optimising various elements of a website and employing strategic tactics, SEO aims to improve organic traffic and generate leads.

Cost of SEO

The cost of SEO campaigns can vary depending on whether they are managed internally by marketing teams or outsourced to external agencies. While internal teams may lack specialised SEO expertise and require ongoing salaries, external agencies typically offer experienced specialists at a fraction of the cost.

Speaking to Epic New Media can provide insights and assistance into how to optimise your website. Contact us today to arrange a free audit.