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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Agency in Liverpool & Manchester

Pay per click, or PPC for short, is a measurable and lucrative opportunity for businesses with a serious potential for instant results. Get your marketing off to a flying start with Epic New Media’s pay-per-click set-up, optimisation and campaign management today.

Why pay per click?

Pay-per-click is a highly lucrative form of search marketing. Over night, you can get your business seen by millions of searchers – an effectively structured PPC campaign targets a wide range of lucrative, low-cost keywords that have the potential to return a significant return on investment.

And that’s where Epic New Media comes in.

At Epic New Media, we have significant experience in PPC. We develop optimised pay-per-click campaigns that can generate high volumes of traffic and significant revenue. The beauty of this process is that you only pay-per-click, which means this whole process is manageable and you can clearly see your return on investment thanks to instant measurable results.

PPC vs. other forms of marketing

PPC’s partner in search engine marketing is SEO. The difference between these two marketing methods is the end goal – SEO is about getting your website to the top of Google’s organic results, which takes time, whereas PPC is about getting your website seen by those same searchers, in a short space of time. Naturally, you cannot pay Google to boost your organic rankings, but you can pay Google to get your website seen in paid results.

In the short-term, PPC is more effective than SEO. It can be argued that it is in the medium-term, too, although at Epic New Media we like to manage both marketing strategies where applicable – we believe that a healthy marketing strategy satisfies all channels. That’s why we advise the majority of our customers to invest in both organic and paid search marketing.

AdWords Management

Our AdWords Management is top notch – we can set up pay per click campaigns for you or optimise any existing campaigns you currently run. In either case, our goal is to get you a ROI as soon as possible, and we achieve this by drawing on our vast PPC experience and industry research, which plays a critical role in choosing the right keywords and optimising your website appropriately. We provide a transparent, results-orientated PPC service that is measurable and realistic.

Not all conversions are equal. The value between each conversion can differ significantly so the correct analytics need to be used to discover the true ROI of a campaign.

It is important that landing page design and CRO is considered in a PPC campaign. Driving traffic to a poorly designed landing page could harm the performance of a campaign, which is why we analyse the users’ pathway to get the most out of a PPC campaign.