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Whenever we’re looking for a service or product, one of the first ports of call is often Google. This is true when it comes to the real estate industry, too.

Positioning yourself well on search engines is a great tool for both international and local businesses, and it can be achieved if you have a great search engine optimisation strategy.

Also known as SEO, this refers to a variety of specialised techniques that are implemented in order to improve your website.

What is SEO for Estate Agents?

SEO for Estate Agents is the process of optimising an Estate Agent’s website to increase its visibility in search engine results.

Improving an Estate agent’s website visibility in search engines will lead to an increase in traffic and an increase in new client enquiries.

Below is the process for SEO for Estate Agents:

Keyword Research – The process of identifying relevant keywords with good search volumes.

For Estate Agents, these are typically “property for sale”, “houses for sale” or “estate agents” plus their geographical location, i.e. Property For Sale London, Estate Agents London.

The competitiveness of keywords is also a consideration as targeting less competitive keywords is likely to achieve quicker results.

Competitor Analysis – Identifying how competitors are attracting their website visitors can reveal opportunities.

On-site Optimisation – Optimising the website so it targets keywords effectively and ensuring that the website is technically sound.

Content – Creating high-quality engaging content that targets relevant keywords and helps convert visitors into enquiries.

Link Building – Improving the importance of the domain will improve rankings and drive traffic.

Local Listings – Optimising Google My Business will help to increase visibility for local searches.

Why is SEO important for Estate Agents?

SEO is undoubtedly essential for estate agents, not least because it’s such a competitive market to contend within.

Every local business has competitors, and being indexed above them on search engines means that customers will often click through to your website first!

It’s also very rare that people ever navigate beyond the first page of search results.

This is why it’s essential that your business reaches at least the first page of results thorough successful SEO strategies, especially when dealing with the competitiveness of real estate.

The following reasons are why Estate Agents should prioritise SEO:

High Demand

There is a high demand for property-related keywords so there is potential to drive a high volume of relevant traffic to your website.

Below are some examples of popular keywords along with the number of monthly searches these keywords receive:

KeywordNumber of Monthly Searches
houses for sale birmingham16,000
property for sale near me14,000
houses for sale swansea14,000
houses for sale liverpool13,000
houses for sale london13,000
property for sale edinburgh10,000
property for sale cornwall9,700
houses to rent liverpool8,700
property for sale glasgow6,800
flats for rent liverpool6,200
property for sale london5,700
property for sale plymouth5,600
estate agents london4,300
estate agents liverpool2,400
flats to rent london1,500

Strong ROI

As illustrated above, there is a high demand for related keywords and estate agent fees can be substantial so ranking for these keywords will provide excellent ROI.

Brand Awareness

Increasing your website’s visibility in search results leads to more brand awareness.

More potential clients will come into contact with your brand, which will develop your brand recognition and credibility. This will help your business to grow.

Leads to a Better Website

The process of optimising a website for SEO leads to a better website. SEO improves the following factors:

  • Site speed
  • Navigation
  • Usability
  • Content

All of these factors lead to a better website in general, which helps traffic generated from other channels, such as social media, email and direct.

Your Competitors are Doing it

SEO isn’t a new marketing channel for Estate Agents as there are Estate Agents in each major location that are generating traffic and new clients from Organic Search, so Estate Agent websites that aren’t performing well for Organic Search are losing out on new clients and revenue.

How does SEO work for Estate Agents?

In a nutshell, SEO is the process through which digital marketing specialists will work with you and your website to enhance where you come in on SERP rankings.

Search engine optimisation improves the way customers can find you organically, and can boost traffic to your website exponentially – increasing sales.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

There are typically two main ways to deliver SEO campaigns – by internal marketing teams or by an external SEO agency.

The costs can differ significantly as can delivery.

Existing internal marketing teams might not necessarily feature an experienced SEO specialist, which is required to achieve results, and salaries are required.

Whereas, external SEO agencies have experienced specialists and can deliver results for a fraction of the costs of an internal team.

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