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Email marketing puts you in direct contact with your target market. At Epic New Media, we excel at setting up and managing successful email marketing strategies whatever the scale, with over a decade’s experience and an in-house team of email marketing professionals.

At Epic New Media we believe that email is one of the most powerful forms of marketing your business can invest in. Not only does this form of marketing put you in direct contact with your target market, but it is also completely measurable and scalable, can easily be adapted to target different types of customer and is cost effective.

Perhaps most importantly, email marketing can achieve so much. You can raise brand awareness, special offer awareness, increase customer retention, cross-sell, win new clients, plus much more all from a technology that dates back to 1993.

The biggest challenge that most email campaigns face is distribution - not only do you need to send your literature out to a list of valuable and relevant prospects, you also need to ensure that the emails you send reach the recipients inbox and not their spam folder. This can be overlooked by marketers and the net result is a marketing department which believes that email marketing is not right for them.

What we do

At Epic New Media we solve this challenge simply by taking a strategic approach to all of our email marketing strategies. Using our vast expertise, we use validated email designs to make sure that all mail ends up in the best possible place to read. This involves crafting the perfect subject heading, formatting your email correctly, and creating compelling messages with a clear call-to-action.

We use two of the most well-respected email marketing software platforms to manage campaigns - Campaign Monitor and Mail Chimp. We have extensive experience using these two platforms, each of which has a raft of features to benefit your email marketing strategy. With the help of Epic New Media, you can send beautiful emails out to your target market that just beg to be interacted with.

Before we begin any email campaign we map out a clear strategy, a strategy that’s driven by your business goals. As a results-driven agency, your email marketing strategy will be designed to achieve a ROI as quickly as possible.

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