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Website Design

Is your website built to satisfy your entire marketing strategy?

At Epic New Media, we lovingly create websites that are designed to not only convert, but also deliver an exceptional user experience that caters to every type of visitor.

Good website design is critical to achieving your business goals. It is not uncommon for a business to redesign their website from time to time, but there is one big mistake that’s often made in the redesign of website - it is redesigned to satisfy one element of a marketing strategy, rather than the strategy as a whole. This also applies to builds from the ground up and first-time websites, and this challenge stems from a lack of design experience combined with poor foresight.

At Epic New Media, we focus on the bigger picture. We believe that your website should satisfy all of your marketing objectives and your entire online strategy - this means your website must take into account every type of visitor, whether they’re generated through SEO, PPC, social media, email, affiliate marketing or content marketing.

The last thing you want is a website that alienates potential customers.

That’s why we invest all of our time into getting to know your brand and its customers. Without this insight, it’s impossible to design and develop a website that’s going to achieve your business goals.

Bespoke Websites

We only build bespoke websites; websites that are designed and developed using industry best practices and all of the talent of our team. The websites we create for our clients’ are built to convert and for the modern web, with responsive designs and the infrastructure in place to meet the demands of the search engines - no matter what algorithmic updates they throw at us.

Importantly, our web design expertise has been developed over time through online marketing experience. This gifts Epic New Media with a best-of-both-worlds talent, where marketing objectives are woven deep into the very design of your website. Plus, using only the finest content management systems, WordPress and Perch, we can deliver a product to you that’s extremely easy to manage - adding and editing pages has never been easier.

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