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3 Editorial Calendar Tools every Content Team Needs

If you have a company blog but you struggle to publish content consistently, you‘re not alone. One of the biggest challenges a business faces is producing enough content and this challenge is toughened in markets where real-time information is most valuable and markets where in-depth content is needed to educate and engage an audience.


Simply, a lot of man power is needed in these types of market to create content of a consistent quality, and no matter how skilled a team might be at writing, it‘s not easy to plan a content strategy that‘s going to yield good results.


Thankfully, content teams need not come up with topic ideas off their heads and rush to get content published. With a simple editorial calendar tool, a content team can plan ahead and keep content consistent and relevant.


Let‘s take a look at the three best editorial calendar tools for teams.


3. Google Docs


A lot of people think that Google Docs is just a web-based alternative to Microsoft Word. Whilst it can be, the real power of Google Docs comes in collaboration. Because every document created using Google Docs is stored on Google Drive (the two services are linked), you can access documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, and drawings from any computer, so long as you have an internet connection.


For content teams, the Spreadsheet tool in Google Docs is a free and easy to use editorial calendar platform. Collaborative editing is possible with Google Docs by sharing and granting access to other Google Docs users and colour coding can be used to assign tasks to different individuals, or mark off completed projects. Security is not a concern, either, so long as users have strong Gmail passwords.


2. Marketing.AI


Marketing.AI is content marketing software. There are a suite of tools available with this platform and the editorial calendar function is among the best available. Unlike Google Docs which is not set up out-of-the-box for use as an editorial calendar, Marketing.AI includes advanced features such as the ability to research, create strategy, assign tasks, request revisions, approve pieces, promote published content, and measure workflow performance.


The big benefit of this tool over Google Docs is that you can organise different types of content and visually see a strategy. It is also a much nicer tool to work from, and like Docs, you can review and edit a calendar from any web-enabled device.


1. Kapost


Kapost has made a name for itself as one of the best content marketing software platforms. This software goes further than Google Docs and Marketing.AI by allowing the user to manage every step of a content marketing strategy on a single platform.


The best feature of Kapost is the organisation it offers. You can coordinate any strategy from within the web-based dashboard and the dashboard shows each asset (article, infographic, etc.) along with a fully customisable set of columns, which have been designed for ease of use. This dashboard shows the dates for content to be completed, published, and there is a campaign view to check progress.


Ultimately, Kapost offers an all-in-one solution for content teams. You can manage all types of content with this tool and it‘ll even let you distribute content across social media channels.

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