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5 WordPress Plugins to Optimise your Content Effectively

If you are a WordPress user, then your website likely uses a variety of different plugins to perform different functions. Whether you want to manage e-mail marketing from within your dashboard or make your website faster with a cache plugin, you can, plus much more.


The beauty of WordPress is that it is open source. For users, that means there‘s a limitless number of quality plugins to install and for developers, that means huge money making potential.


Your Website and Content


Since the dawn of the internet one thing that has always been important is content. The copy on your pages plays a critical role in website conversion and reader engagement. It also plays a critical role in where your pages are going to rank in Google.


Over the years, the ingredients used to create copy that will rank in the search engines have changed, but one thing has remained consistent – quality is essential, and now more than ever, writers need to pay close attention to how they optimise their content so that it does not appear suspicious to Google.


WordPress users can achieve this with a few different plugins, plugins which I‘ve had personal experience with and plugins I would like to recommend to fellow WP users. With the following content optimisation WordPress plugins, your future pages and blog posts will have a greater ranking potential.


5. Scheme Creator by Raven – link.


Microdata is becoming more prevalent in websites because by using microdata such as, marketers can ensure that content is clearly labelled for the search engines. The benefit of this is that the search engines can better understand the purpose of a page and rank it accordingly. Scheme Creator by Raven is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to easily insert microdata for reviews, products, events, plus much more. There is a free and paid version available.


4. Scribe – link.


Scribe is a unique content optimisation plugin in that it has a feature that lets you connect with other website owners. The benefit of this is that you can easily discover bloggers and social media users who are interested in the same subject. When it comes to content optimisation, Scribe is pretty powerful, as it identifies potential marketing and search opportunities as you write. The plugin also offers real-time recommendations as you write.


3. WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast – link.


This is probably the most used content optimisation plugin on WordPress, thanks to Yoast‘s market penetration. Unlike Scribe, the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast lets you set templates for titles and meta descriptions and offers SEO recommendations based on headings, page URL, content, plus more. This plugin focuses heavily on SEO performance so it might not be ideal for marketers who want to write for humans first and foremost.


2. InboundWriter – link.


InboundWriter is an intelligent plugin that streams real-time SEO recommendations into the WordPress editor as you write. Unique to this tool is the very clever research function – after around 200 words of writing, this plugin will search Google for relevant articles for you to link to or source research from. This ensures that any content written has valuable sources. This is also a plugin ideal for blog post re-writes, thanks to the powerful SEO recommendations it makes.


1. Squirrly SEOlink.


If you‘re impressed with the content optimisation plugins above, I recommend you download Squirrly SEO. This is a fantastic plugin for real-time optimisation because it offers tips as you write so you can stay on the right side of the search engines. This is also one of the few plugins that can be fully integrated with your marketing strategy, so you can track traffic, SEO performance, social signals, plus much more. This plugin is ideal for use as a fully featured content optimisation solution.

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