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How to Improve your Landing Page Conversion

From attracting visitors and capturing leads to enhancing search engine visibility and improving reputations, there are numerous benefits for having plenty of landing pages on your website. However, the ultimate goal is to increase conversions and generate sales. 

But if you’re not seeing positive or favourable results from your landing pages, then a little bit of modification and manipulation is required. Thankfully, you can improve conversion rates with some simple tweaks and straightforward alterations. 

Simple and functional design

A landing page serves a different purpose to your website homepage, so it doesn’t have to share the same design characteristics. A lot of the time, aspects of your website that work for certain visitors can go against those who arrive via a landing page. 

Therefore, you might want to eliminate distractions such as the navigation bar in order to stay on track with the landing page’s primary objective. Make sure the layout and formatting guides the audience’s eye to where you want it to be.

Compelling and captivating content

This is your opportunity to communicate with potential customers and clients, so it is imperative you get it right with appropriate yet attractive content. In many respects, this is a make or break time if you want to achieve more conversions. 

But along with some killer copy that tells a convincing story featuring bullet points, short sentences and the explicit benefits of your product or service, consider using other types of content too. Infographics present lots of complex data in an attractive way, while short instructional videos are great for real-life demonstrations. 

Put an emphasis on people

If you want landing page visitors to convert, then they need to have confidence in the product or service and trust that your brand will deliver positive results. This can be achieved with the power of people. 

Testimonials from existing customers or clients are a great way of getting visitors on board. Think about social media too, as proof that networks approve of your message or the opportunity to share a particular page can increase consumer confidence. 

Be explicit and specific

You have created this landing page for a reason and there is no point tiptoeing around the issue. So be explicit and unreserved in what you want the visitor to do with a defined and distinct call to action. 

However, stay on point and do not provide too many irrelevant options. Fewer fields will result in more conversions, so avoid asking for information you don’t really need. If you want to gather more data, create additional landing pages. After all, companies with 30 to 40 landing pages get 7 times more leads than those with 1 to 5.

For every landing page, ask yourself a few questions. What is the primary purpose of this page? Why should a visitor give me their information or purchase a product? How do I go about increasing conversions for these specific customers or clients? Answer these queries and you’ll inevitably enjoy greater online success.

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