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The Secrets Behind Red Bull’s Content Marketing Success

Red Bull is at the height of the game in all sorts of arenas, from Formula 1 to energy beverages. And when it comes to marketing, their dedication, expertise and creativity shines through.

Founder Dietrich Mateschitz summed it up when he said: “Red Bull is a media company that happens to sell energy drinks.” Many people may have seen the can of sugary caffeine first, but a bit like an iceberg, the real Red Bull is to be found underneath the surface.

The key to Red Bull’s marketing success is the creation of a separate and dedicated division that focuses solely on making great content. This Red Bull Media House aims to achieve marketing success for the whole brand, and brand and marketing experts will often cite Red Bull as a perfect example of an innovative media company.

So what can we learn from the way Red Bull does marketing?

  • Marketing is much more than just a team or department within the business. It must become embedded in all areas and among all staff to ensure brand messages come through on every level. Positively encourage all employees, whether they work in head office or on the production line, to get involved with making the company known.
  • Engaging content is a core requirement. It must be effective and inspiring and speak directly to your audience. It must always support the message that is at the heart of your brand.
  • All media must be used, from print to online, video to blogs. Utilise the one that is most appropriate for each message and target. Give audiences the opportunity to consume your content in different ways, and link them together – back up a tweet with a blog, or embed links within videos.
  • Creating brand value should be the first aim – not bringing in profits. Try to avoid the usual ROIsums and look at how marketing is doing good for your brand in the long term.
  • Make your marketing about what you do. Red Bull has a natural advantage here because the brand is involved in so much, but whatever it is your company is about be sure to show that, and you passion for it, in your marketing.
  • Focus on shareability. Another of the key elements in Red Bull marketing campaigns is that they encourage people to share them. Think about what you can do to make consumers want to help you spread your message.
  • Think about how you are bringing people in, and do more to enhance that. This means avoiding the temptation to go in with a hard sell, but focusing on building relationships instead.
  • Don’t be afraid to not mention your product. Again, the Red Bull strategy is about the brand, the lifestyle and the ideal, not the drink or the F1 car or the sweatshirt.

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