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Think like a Media Company and Nail Content Marketing

Content marketing remains something of a taboo because it has been used inappropriately on many occasions and has been known to backfire when done irresponsibly. But this does not mean you should avoid it – just do it in the right way.

The use of content marketing is wide-ranging – it can encompass anything from a guest blog post or use of a dedicated promotional article website, to a traditional print advertorial or column. Whatever you think of when you hear the phrase, you could get better results if you stop thinking like an advertiser and start thinking like a media brand.

Interesting, informative and persuasive advertorials or other types of content marketing are possible. They do not automatically have to be in-your-face, over-the-top or plain annoying. But for media companies, they do have to be brave.

Avoiding the tendency to play it safe is what sets the best media brands apart from the competition, bringing in impressive results for their clients. You too can be brave when it comes to content marketing. How?

  • See your audience, not a target population – Media companies engage with audiences, who are real people they learn about, not statistical demographics.
  • Recognise the value of content – The content is not an additional extra to a great offer, it is the central element. Content is incredibly important and should be treated as such.
  • Start afresh – Content marketing works best when it is not simply used as an add-on to existing marketing strategies but is given prominence in its own right. Take it seriously and focus on it away from other efforts.
  • Interact – Content marketing is the ideal opportunity to interact with your customers. Use it not to sell to them, but to talk directly to them about how you can solve their problems or improve their lives. Shout about the benefits of your product or services in a meaningful way.
  • Understand, and change – You really need to know your audience for content marketing to work, and you also need to recognise how they, and your company, change. Do not be afraid to react to current events – think on your feet for instant results that can transform into long-term loyalty and brand recognition.
  • Overall, the thing to remember is that the phrase itself gives you the clue about how to approach the strategy – content comes before marketing. Get the content right, and present it to the right people, and the marketing bit will look after itself.


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