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Why is Magento the Best E-Commerce Platform?

E-commerce has become the norm for all sorts of businesses, and in many industries it is almost a necessity to have an online shop these days. Brands that do not have the facility to process transactions online are liable to fall behind their competitors, and they could be losing out on a lot of valued custom. But e-commerce is not just for the big players in any field – smaller, local firms can also create a shop website, allowing them to reach new markets and keep their virtual doors open 24/7.

When it comes to setting up an e-commerce site it pays to get things right first time, and a platform called Magento has become known as the best. The open source platform boasts a lot of features and functionalities, allowing online retailers to shape their web business and grow their sales.

Top reasons to choose Magento:

  • It is free Yes, really. Magento is open source and free to download. Developers can modify the code and add different features or functions with plug-ins and add-ons as your business requires.
  • Easy to manage Multiple stores can be handled within Magento, even stores on several websites. The single admin panel and customer database reduces the admin time you need to spend on your online shop.
  • Multi-options The multi-language and multi-currency features are a must-have for anyone looking to expand their horizons.
  • Scale up, or down Magento can be as big or small as you need, and you can adapt it either way as you go along. So if your business plan or goals change, your e-commerce site can keep up.
  • User-friendly As well as being easy-to-use behind the scenes, Magento is easy for your visitors to use. Products and prices are clearly displayed, navigation makes sense, customer reviews can be included, multiple images are available and so on.
  • SEO-friendly Search engine bots are fans of Magento because of the clean URLs, tags and descriptions the software creates. The platform utilises relevant keywords to ensure your shop can be logged and seen in search results.
  • It is mobile The Community and Enterprise editions of Magento now integrate HTML5 capabilities, allowing shop owners to offer a better shopping experience to visitors on mobile devices.
  • Feedback Online stores built with Magento are associated with Google Analytics, Google Base and Google Checkout, meaning you can keep track of visitors and analyse the data created.
  • Trust Magento is a secure platform and allows for different payment methods, such as PayPal. Users know they can trust your site and your handling of their financial information.

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