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10 Tips to Power your E-Mail Marketing

The sheer volume of marketing e-mails that the average person receives weekly means it is increasingly difficult for companies to be noticed.

We have pulled together 10 great tips that could make your e-mail marketing messages stand out.

1. Use Your Website

Your website is a key tool in your e-mail marketing arsenal so use it wisely. Pick out your latest blog post or top news articles, a well-read how-to guide or product of the week and focus on this in your messaging. This serves several purposes, as it shows that you back up your emails with a great site, and also gets people to click through to your pages and, ideally, purchase. At the very least you should have demonstrated to them that your site is worth coming back to.

2. Be An Active Listener

Queries that are raised with your customer services department or in support forums, or reviews posted online, can be a great source to mention in your e-mails. Respond to any questions or concerns openly and you will demonstrate that you value and respect customers and strive to go beyond expectations.

3. Know Your Industry

Whether you are selling mobile phone covers or running a city hair salon, you should demonstrate that you know what is going on in your industry. Be an active commentator on the latest news and events, give your opinion on changes in your sector and share relevant content you think your customers will find interesting.

4. Be Social

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are a great opportunity to interact with customers and you can use them in your e-mails too. Be sure to include your URLs in your messages and give a snapshot of what people can expect if they follow you or like your page. Monitor your accounts and respond to complaints and queries as well as highlighting your latest news or products.

5. Provide Solutions AND Answers

FAQs are a must-have for your website as they answer the questions that are asked all the time by customers. But they are not particularly exciting or inspiring. Go a step further by providing solutions to the problems or questions that your customers don’t even know they have. Show clearly and concisely how your product or service can improve their life or business.

6. Spread the Love

Your e-mails do not have to only contain your own content – you can also link through to other sites and blogs, especially those of industry leaders or well-known figures in your sector, to give added depth and interest to your marketing messages.

7. Take it Offline

If there are any upcoming events that are relevant to your business and customers be sure to highlight them. Encourage people to come and meet you in person at such events and, where applicable, offer a promotion for those who visit your trade stand.

8. Take a Partner

Partnering with a related firm or relevant person can work wonders for your e-mail marketing as it means you have something a bit different to offer your customers. You could link up with an industry expert for a series of columns or Q&A sessions.

9. Get Competitive

People love competitions, so don’t be afraid to run regular giveaways. Contests that require people to visit your site or that give all entrants a small discount are ideal for generating clicks and encouraging conversions.

10. Inspire

Do not be afraid to use light-hearted amusing or inspirational content in your emails. This reminds customers that behind the brand you are people too. Such content also encourages sharing.

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