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5 Ways To Improve Your Conversion Rate

For marketers, conversions can be seen as a Holy Grail. In a sphere where return on investment is sometimes hard to track, conversions are the proof in the pudding that a campaign has hit its target audience. But how best to direct visitors on the path to becoming customers?

In this blog, we take a look at five ways in which you can use your marketing nous to bump up the conversion rates your website sees through intelligent design:

1. Social proof

Driven on by the runaway success of social media networks, the internet has become increasingly more social. The ‘like’ culture has permeated through to the business world, with net users able to rate products and services as they see fit. The onus is on you to make sure you use platforms for social proof to your advantage. You can use widgets such as Trust Pilot and FeeFo to give your satisfied customers a way to review quickly and easily. If you are an organisation in the B2B world, client testimonials should be viewed as gold dust, and the more positive feedback you can put together, the better. The same goes for case studies – there can be nothing more reassuring than showing how you went about a successful project, and what your client was able to achieve thanks to your service.

2. Live Chat

The internet culture is very much based around the ‘click and receive’ model. Visitors are no longer prepared to wait around for answers to their questions, or exert more effort than they need to when looking for what they need. Any delays can simply encourage a visitor to jump ship and look elsewhere. The solution? It might very well be live chat, which offers visitors the chance to speak to their customer service team instantly in real time. If you can use trained sales professionals with an authentic knowledge of your service to man the live chat, you stand a better chance of gaining conversions by providing customers with the right kind of information to encourage a sale. Read more about live chat benefits in our blog.

3. Strong calls to action

Don’t be shy – if you have gone to a lot of trouble putting together engaging marketing content, or attractive product presentations, you should be shouting from the rooftops with your calls to action. Position them strategically so they are noticed, but don’t irritate the visitors. Use text and buttons in different colours so that they stand out, and can be seen clearly. Focus your text on benefit driven information which can influence a visitor considering whether to order a product or service, and then underpin this call to action with clear directions to a landing page, telephone number or email address. Customers should not have to go on a wild goose chase when ordering, so an effective call to action can provide a high speed link to a conversion.

4. Enquiry form

Your visitor is interested, intrigued or excited about your product, and now they want to know more. But where do they go? Some potential conversions might be lost due to websites not offering clear routes for communication. You can overcome that problem with an enquiry form which is found on the right hand side of every page. This will give visitors a way to contact you wherever they are on the site. You should make it easy to use and keep the different fields to a minimum. Name – email address – subject – enquiry, can be a formula which works, and if you want to slim it down even more, you could drop the subject line.

5. Prominent telephone number on pages

We live in a digital world where it is easy to send a message, but despite this convenience, some of us just prefer to make a phone call. For this reason, don’t discount the importance of displaying your telephone number in a highly visible position on all pages. Some people will always want to pick up the phone if possible, and your sales team should be jumping at the chance to speak directly to a visitor and understand their requirements better. A direct conversation can often provide a better way to build up a picture of exactly what a visitor wants, and can allow the sales representative to answer their queries, as well as point them in the direction of related products or services which may be of interest.

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