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5 World Cup Ads that Nailed It

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is a perfect opportunity for marketers to piggy-back on the football hysteria and pick up extra sales. As with all massive sporting events these days only the brands that have paid large sums for the privilege of being named an official sponsor can directly reference the tournament in their advertisements, but others can still take advantage of the world’s focus on the sport.

Here are our top five World Cup related adverts, from the inspirational to the hilarious.

Nike Football – Winner Stays

As a global giant in the sportswear arena Nike was always going to impress with a World Cup advert. Featuring the world’s best footballers, not to mention The Hulk, it draws fans into the action with fantastic cinematography. From a kickabout in the park to a vital match in a world-class stadium, the commercial breaks down barriers and oozes personality and fun.

ESPN – Time Zone

The copywriter who can come up with the ultimate advertising slogan will be worth his weight in gold, and ESPN’s agency certainly has one on their books. The clip shows fans from around the world, highlighting different cultures but shared excitement for the World Cup. The tagline “Every 4 years the world has one time zone” perfectly sums up the ability of the tournament to bring the global population together. The ad aims to increase the channel’s US audience for the event by connecting them to the rest of the world.

McDonald’s – Gol!

Putting aside the comments that many people make about fast-food chains being involved in sporting events, McDonald’s has come up with a cracker of an advert. Rather than focusing on the stars of the pitch the clip looks to ordinary people who can do some seriously cool tricks. It thrives on its simplicity and humanity.

Hyundai – Because Futbol

Hyundai hit the nail on the head here by picking up on a major sporting event and a popular social media trend. The series of adverts depict events that happen “because, you know, futbol”. Best of all, it’s funny because it’s true – one ad for the Spanish market shows several pregnant couples all arriving at hospital about to welcome their bundle of joy. Nurses ask “what happened nine months ago?” Flashbacks show that Spain won the world cup. #BecauseFutbol

Restaurante – Visa

The credit and debit card company pulls out all the punches with the big names for its football ad. Zinedine Zidane is infamous for headbutting an Italian player in the 2006 FIFA World Cup finals, but enough time has passed now that it is OK to laugh at his misconduct. In this campaign the Frenchman is in an Italian restaurant (setting up a potential scene), with Italian great Cannavaro also present. As a football match plays Italy score, and Zidane has to grin and bear the hugs from his Italian counterpart.

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