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How to Boost Remarketing Success

As a business owner or marketing head you don’t like to think that people are coming to your site but then leaving without making a purchase or even interacting with your brand. But Google itself has said that 97% of new visitors do not convert into customers the first time they arrive at your site, so it is an inevitable part of your online presence. But although the situation is inevitable, this does not mean there is nothing you can do to reduce that figure.

With carefully considered remarketing efforts – marketing to those who are already aware of your company, product or service – you can make an important second impression and persuade visitors that this time they should go on to make a purchase.

There are several remarketing strategies you can take advantage of, but first you must be able to tell who such efforts should be targeted towards. This means you need to utilise a tracking cookie on your website, and visitors must be made aware of this and be given the option to say no. Once you know who is a first-time visitor and who has been to your site before, and what they did while there, you can adapt your remarketing strategies accordingly.

This ability to tailor remarketing precisely to specific visitors and pages is what makes it so versatile and gives it huge potential.

  • Homepage – Use Google AdWords Display Network (GDN) to remind those who have visited your homepage of your presence when they are searching in Google.
  • Product pages – Target users depending on what products or services they have shown interest in. Make similar recommendations or show them user reviews.
  • Landing pages – Visitors usually get to such pages via a PPC campaign, so retarget them accordingly.
  • Shopping basket – If a visitor gets all the way through to having products in their basket but then doesn’t complete the purchase they have shown a high level of engagement, but you need to understand what put them off at the last minute to persuade them to buy when they come back.
  • FAQ/Contact pages – Those who visit this page are looking for more information and if they don’t get it chances are they will not buy, rather than make the effort of getting in touch. Give them what they are looking for in an easily accessible way to lead them through to the purchase stage.
  • Free trial/Newsletter pages – Visitors who come to sections of your site for sign-up discounts or free trials have shown a clear interest in your product or service and you can target them very effectively in follow-up remarketing efforts.

All remarketing efforts require you to take an honest look about why people are coming to your website but not purchasing, so as well as targeting them again and persuading them to buy on their next visit you should also take steps to enhance your online presence through the likes of SEO, well-written content, link building and so on. If your first impression doesn’t count, make sure your second one does!

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