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How To Write E-mails That Will Get Opened, Read, and Shared

We’ve all been there – opening up your email inbox only to be greeted with scores of irrelevant junk and unsuitable spam th a cat will inevitably be deleted and forgotten about forever. Even if you do end up clicking on a certain piece of correspondence, it might only be to find the unsubscribe link at the bottom.


However, email marketing can be an effective and successful way of promoting and publicising your brand. Regardless of what the campaign or newsletter is trying to say, there are various ways to ensure that subscribers open, read and share your emails.


Acknowledge your audience


These days, it is often surprising to see an email in your inbox from a close friend or family member. But every time this happens, it is a lot more exciting than receiving something from a brand or business. Therefore, make your subscribers feel special and communicate with them on a one-to-one basis.


If possible, use actual names instead of referring to your audience as subscribers or followers. Write in a coherent manner with a conversational and personal voice.


 Provide something useful or valuable


Don’t just send out emails for the sake of it, as subscribers will soon realise that you’re a waste of time and there is no point taking any notice. Instead, always try to include some useful or valuable in your emails.


In the subject line, give them a sneak preview of what is contained within. In the email itself, talk about real-life situations, present some relevant facts or highlight the merits of your product. Include some sort of incentive that will make them click or an external link to take further action.


Evoke their emotions


Whether you’re using fear, concern, happiness or glee, bringing out your audience’s emotions is an incredibly effective technique for getting emails opened, read and shared.


You can choose to empathise with subscribers over common problems, promise to provide a solution to difficult issues, suggest that your brand can make life that little bit easier or encourage a sale by focusing on the benefits.


Express yourself


This is your opportunity to be a little bit creative, experiment with a different approach and go against the grain of other email newsletters that have been sent out that day.


If you follow a specific template, adhere to optimal subject line lengths or concentrate on keyword density, readers will soon lose interest. Let your personality and enthusiasm shine through by writing copy that reflects the brand’s identity, company culture or core values.


Always include a convincing call to action


After you manage to write the most engaging and interesting email ever created, remember to include a distinctive and convincing call to action.


Always work towards that final aim and provide multiple opportunities to take action by including lots of external links and social media buttons. Remind readers what they could be missing out on, tell them why it makes sense and present a particular deadline to avoid procrastination.

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