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SEO tips for your mobile design

It’s 2018 and it’s time to ensure that your mobile web design is up to scratch for SEO. As of March 2017, it’s estimated that over 80% of top Alexa websites are adapted to mobile. Therefore, if you want your website to excel in performance, you need to ensure it’s optimised for mobile. To help you optimise your website for mobile, we’ve put together some of the best SEO tips:

1. Size matters: develop to scale, not to fit

Most mobile devices today include a touchscreen for navigation and pressing a navigation link can be complicated. It’s therefore important to ensure the navigation of your website is streamlined so users focus on the most popular or important pages. A successful mobile strategy will include developing a revamped website that is specific to mobile search. You should not just simply create a scaled-down version of your desktop site, refitted for a mobile screen, rather it should be optimised for each specific device to increase user experience. Remember, user experience is one of Google’s top ranking factors for your website, so this is not something you should ignore.

2. Optimise your content

Content is always king when it comes to effective SEO. Your content needs to be user-friendly by ensuring it’s optimised for a mobile device. Some great ways to achieve this include reducing the size of your images, and you will find that high-resolution images will lose their quality if they aren’t resized to fit a mobile screen. You should also eliminate the flash content on your mobile design as it isn’t compatible, so will simply just slow the website down.

3. Incorporate an effective mobile landing page

Mobile landing pages shouldn’t be over complicated and need to include a specific and strong CTA that will grab attention immediately (the top of the page is a good idea). This could be a “download now” or “call today” button, but it will relate specifically to what your website and business are trying to achieve. Write like a human and not a robot, this way you will increase your user experience which will, in turn, increase your rankings. If you want some tips on how to generate more conversions from mobiles, then take a look here.

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