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3 key SEO mistakes to avoid

When it comes to search engine optimisation, there are many potential mistakes and pitfalls which can harm its effectiveness. Understanding what others are doing wrong is key to preventing yourself from falling into those same traps.

With that in mind, here are three all-too-common SEO mistakes businesses of all sizes still make.

Bad internal link structure

As your website grows, it can be difficult to keep your internal links neat and efficient. It’s important that the effort is made to make it happen, though. Otherwise, your website is prone to becoming a nest of ‘404 error’ and ‘duplicate content pages.

Take the time to re-assess the internal structure of the way you link visitors around your website. If necessary, refresh and revitalise your approach to encompass new keywords and phrases. This will allow search engines to pick up paths to all new web pages, ultimately increasing your traffic.

Content for its own sake

One of the key elements of SEO is consistent and fresh content. Not only do you need a steady stream of content, but you need it to be uploaded at regular intervals. With this, however, as your website grows you can fall victim to curating and publishing empty content.

Tighten your focus to make sure your content is hitting your specific keyword targets. If necessary, invest more time in longer-form content that will remain evergreen, rather then throwaway “just for today” uploads. When your content reaches the front page of the search, you want it to still be relevant.

Failure to self-audit

One of the more difficult mistakes to avoid is complacency about the quality of your website and its content. It can be easy to just presume everything is working as it should. The truth is, however, that regular website auditing is essential to maintaining your success.

Regularly having your website audited allows you to keep it relevant for users. It ensures your content is up to date, your website is secure, and that everything is capable of providing the desired browsing experience. It will also help your website appear higher in mobile searches, where optimisation is key.

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