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5 top tips to improve conversion rate optimisation

Having a website with strong Search Engine Optimisation means your business can be found easily. But making sure customers buy and book is key to your business growing. Read some of our top tips below to improve your website’s conversion rate.

1. Bounce rate

Google Analytics has a statistic called ‘bounce rate’ which indicates how many pages users will stay on before they leave your website. You want a low bounce rate, especially if your home page is a gateway to other pages. Get this lower by improving visibility to other pages and a professional, branded look on your home page.

2. Interactivity

Using online booking forms is a great way to encourage conversion rate optimisation by making it simple and easy to make reservations or book tickets. Or you can add features like 360-degree photos, interactive menus and social media to encourage users to stay on your site. Make sure these bookings go through to an exclusive email to keep track of what’s been booked and keep your business busy!

3. Exclusive online offers

Track CRO with exclusive web offers through social media, online menus or blog posts with codes that customers can quote or use when buying/booking. It also means you can track what promotions are cost-effective and popular, and what may need changing to suit your needs.

4. Make the most of customer reviews

Most hosting software has apps that allow you to embed reviews from social media and other websites. Reviews are a great way to support your reputation and turn inquiries into sales. Many products sold online rely on positive reviews too – when there are hundreds to choose from, a good review can make the difference.

5. Testing

Once a design is finished, doesn’t mean the job is done! Regularly update your website and design to find what works best for your brand. Changing colours and fonts are a simple but effective way to make CRO links more eye-catching.

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