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A simple way to localise your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t just for global conglomerate business machines seeking to increase their presence thousands of miles from their base of operations. SEO is also for businesses with less physical reach and more of a captive audience; you just need to be a lot more specific than the faceless organisations pumping thousands into Google Ads to keep themselves at the top!

More than just a website

For example, a lot of smaller businesses invest in websites to keep up with the ever-evolving world of marketing/advertising but aren’t really sure what to put on their site. This leads to virtually no visibility online and, of course, no traffic and no benefit to even having the website – there’s no point in just having a website for the sake of it, especially with the cost of design, hosting etc.

However, these websites can be saved simply by brainstorming three key areas: audience, location and uniqueness of the product. Combining these areas of analysis provides you with specific keywords that are general enough to fit into that narrow SEO gap between faceless business and generic fluff – the ‘Slot’ if you will.

Optimum content

How exactly? Well, if you can comfortably say you are targeting 18-35-year-olds within Manchester and the surrounding 30 miles with your party/wedding Champagne fountains; you can effectively tailor your Search Engine Optimisation effortlessly, the content writes itself:

‘Hosting a wedding, or party, near Manchester or Liverpool this year? Has regular Champagne dispensing become a bit old fashioned? Make your celebration special and modern with our fully automated Champagne fountains and raise a toast to our superb centrepieces’.

One sentence, and a few sub-clauses, littered with search terms that fit directly into the three key areas: audience (18+), location (Manchester/Liverpool), uniqueness of product (champagne fountains, ownership terms). Using this as a building block towards more detailed content will see searches within the local area boom and those outside of the business’ physical reach reduce – exactly what any small business owner with a limited radius needs.

The importance of contact details

Don’t forget to include the company address in headers or footers along with a ‘Contact Us’ page; the business address is a key factor in localising searches!

So there you have it, one simple way to localise SEO for your smaller business – you’ll be racking up the searches in no time. If you want to receive more guidance, don’t hesitate to contact Epic New Media – our team of experts are waiting to help you!
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