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Don’t be evil: What Google’s top SEO lesson actually means

If you want to get your business found online, SEO is essential.

For those unsure, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s the strategies that help you get found on search engines like Google.

It doesn’t just help get your website on search engines though. It’s about getting you as high on the rankings as possible. And when you consider that 67% of web users don’t bother looking past the first five results, SEO becomes more and more important.

How does Google select the rankings?

When determining its search rankings, Google uses over 200 factors to decide who comes where.

The exact SEO algorithms and factors are kept secret by Google, making sure that no one can cheat their way to the top.

Google may keep its cards close its chest, but there is one piece of advice that’s become a cornerstone of its code of conduct: ‘Don’t Be Evil’.

Don’t be evil

This concept is simpler than it seems.

Don’t be evil revolves around a core principle of giving its users the best possible content. Google knows that when its users search, they’re expecting something that answers their questions and is exactly what they’re looking for.

So, their search rankings are designed to fulfil this purpose.

That means that insightful, useful and relevant websites are rewarded by appearing higher on the rankings. Anything that’s misleading, confusing or difficult to use will find itself punished.

At their core, SEO strategies are built around making sure your website isn’t evil.

Put your customers first

One of the best ways to make sure that your website isn’t evil is by putting your customers first.

Think about what they want, what questions they have and how they’ll use your website. If you give them this information in an easy to use way, you’re well on your way to not being evil.

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