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SEO in a nutshell: Why is ‘trust’ a must?

Part of the ‘three pillars’ of SEO – ‘authority’, ‘relevancy’ ‘trust’ – developing your site’s trust score acts as a powerful force multiplier for your company. This can quickly increase your search engine rankings while driving positive change across your website and business.

So, what is this key element and how can developing it put you in a stronger place with your clients?

What is trust? Building trust is central to any Search Engine Optimisation strategy and, perhaps unsurprisingly, defines the trustworthiness of your site. Trust answers visitor’s questions, with customers asking is your product or service reliable? Does your company have integrity? Can you be relied upon to fulfil your duties? While Google has never publicly admitted having a formalised assessment to this, it plays a vital role in any approach to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) making sure that once someone has visited you, they can be assured of quality, reliable service.

Why is it so important? Simply, trust brings sales. Known as ‘conversions’ in SEO, a trust score may bring you up Google’s ranking but it is an individuals implicit trust in your service that allow them to convert – buy your item, hire your product or service, or become a key part of your deals pipeline. While you can find reams of research online about the best way to handle your SEO, cultivating trust is arguably the key aspect of professional practice that will bring positive change across your site and company.

What can you do without us? If developing your client trust right now is important, there are a number of quick-win tips you can apply. You can add a privacy policy with complete terms and disclosures. This can also dovetail with your in-house or outsourced copywriting – check if your articles are varied, of suitable length and use mixed media such as videos or audio links alongside cultivating ‘off page’ trust through backlinks from reputable or sector-relevant sites.

To learn more about trust and how cultivating it can benefit your business, please get in touch and let us know what you need. Trust us, we know what we’re doing

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