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White hat SEO: 3 tips to make it work

As a business owner, you may have heard about something called White Hat SEO. If you are not an SEO expert though, you may not be sure exactly what it is. In simple terms, it refers to the various ethical SEO techniques you could employ when trying to rank higher up in the search engine results page. It is key to only use these kinds of techniques in order to avoid your website being banned by the search engines.

If you are new to this, here are 3 common White Hat SEO tips to get you started. While they may take a little while to generate results, it is worth it for the long term advantages they offer.

Beef up your UX

User experience is a big deal right now and improving yours is a great way to rank higher in the SERP’s. This is because search engines give more credit to a website that has a great user experience. They class a website which is enjoyable to look around as more useful to people who are searching for goods or services. But how do you do this? It involves thinking like your customers and designing your website in a way that is pleasant to use.

Make sure to optimise page titles

Title tags are important for SEO and another great ethical technique to consider. They help search engines to quickly understand what any page on your site is about so they can rank it appropriately. In addition, it is also key to make sure your META descriptions are optimised. These give a short description of what the page is about so the search engines can quickly see if it is relevant compared to the search term.

Generate fresh, regular content

One of the things that all search engines will look at is how often a site is updated with new content. This helps them to decide if a site is still current and worth showing to people. By regularly adding new content to your website, you are showing them that your site is relevant and worth listing.

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