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Why are keywords so important in SEO?

If you have read a little around search engine optimisation then you will have heard keywords mentioned. You may not be totally au fait on what they are or why they matter though. The great news is that the basic concept is easy to pick up. Keywords, in essence, connect what people are looking for online with your blog or website. By carefully choosing the keywords that people search for in your sector, you will be able to reach more people. Naturally, this makes it an important part of SEO as proper keyword targeting can help your business expand its customer base.

But what specific benefits does the proper use of keywords in SEO bring?

It will bump you up the SERPs

While it may not be an overnight process, if you use the right keywords consistently in your site content then you should rank higher in the search engine results. This happens because search engines will show the websites that are most relevant to the words or phrases being searched for first. If you have the right keywords in place, then you will benefit from this.

It can help boost your domain authority

Another great benefit of using the correct keywords in your site content is the positive impact on your domain authority. This is basically a score given to your site online that reflects how well you rank and perform in search engine results over time. Having a higher domain authority is good for building trust with consumers and also search engines themselves.

It makes your content relevant to people

In essence, SEO is about connecting people who want your services with you via online searches. The big thing to remember though is that you want to target only these people, which is where keywords help. After all, it wastes everyone’s time if someone searches for one thing but ends up at a website that offers another. Using keywords not only helps you focus on your core market but also ensures that any content crafted speaks to them in a useful way.

Let Epic New Media help

Although incorporating keywords into your content for SEO is key, it is not always easy. Researching which keywords to use and then selecting the ones that will be most effective is quite specialised. When you then have to find ways of building content around them without it being artificial, it gets even trickier. If you need a hand with SEO, keywords and content creation, give us a call today for assistance.

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