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Why is Content Marketing Important for Growth?

Content marketing entails creating consistent, relevant, and valuable content for your audiences to engage with. This can be by using blog posts, images, or videos to inform and educate customers about your business. But why is content marketing an important approach to your SEO marketing strategy? We’ve came up with just a few reasons why we think that “Content is King”:

It is a Scalable and Long-Term Marketing Strategy

If you are regularly creating informative and helpful content that people are searching for on Google, it has the potential to increase the number of keywords that your site is ranking for. Ranking well for a large list of keywords is the most effective and repeatable route to increasing organic traffic and attracting more users to your site. This method is sustainable and can be done over a long period of time, without the worry of draining your budget.

Helps Nurture and Convert Leads into Conversions

The user begins their journey with your business once they click on your site from Google’s search engine. When interacting with your site, the potential customer determines whether you are a viable solution to their problem and if they want to purchase your services. This is often called the ‘marketing funnel’. Creating helpful and informative content is an effective way to pull people into your marketing funnel and convince the user to purchase your services. This can be done by producing informative videos, writing case studies, or showcasing your product portfolio.

Helps Promote Other Marketing Channels

Creating new and fresh content doesn’t just have to be restricted to your website, as you can utilise other marketing channels to promote your business. Social media sites such as Twitter rely on videos and blog post to engage users, and paid ads are fuelled by images and videos to provide visual cues. Using content across other marketing channels can refer users to your site and increase the amount of organic traffic being generated.

Educates Your Potential Customers

Consumers are looking for a business that are an expert in their field and can show evidence of their knowledge. Creating informative and educational content that teaches potential customers about your business provides the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and position yourself as a trustworthy business.  

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy in the Long Term

Acquiring traffic from paid ads is often financially consuming, especially when battling for keywords with other businesses in your market. Paying to advertise your business on Google may generate visitors to your site, but it doesn’t guarantee a ROI which can be damaging for those with tight budgets. Creating new and exciting content is one way to get ahead of your competition, as it can generate traffic without the cost and visitors are more likely to engage with your site.

Content Marketing Services

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