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Why keyword stuffing is bad for your SEO

You’ve got a website and you know that to be found on search engines, you need to use certain keywords. So it makes sense that you want to put that keyword into as much copy as possible right?


In fact, overusing the same keyword (called keyword stuffing) can actually damage your SEO (search engine optimisation). Effective SEO is key to getting your customers to find you online.

Why keyword stuffing is bad for your SEO

There was a time that keyword stuffing did work. But, the search engines figured out what people were doing and put a stop to it. Now it’s a practice that should absolutely not be touched.

In fact, for best SEO practices most websites need to aim for a keyword density of 2% or less. This means that for all the text on your web page, your keyword shouldn’t make up more than 2% of it.

This is because search engines like Google want to reward websites that offer the best user experiences and helpful content to their users. So, their algorithms are designed to rank the websites that do this higher than all others, making it easier for users to find the websites that matter.

Although keywords are important to SEO, the most important thing is to ensure that you’re offering quality content and websites. This is what it is most rewarded by search engines, and the SEO tactic you should be focusing on.

Focus on giving your customers what they want

Your customers come to your website for a reason. Your sole goal is to get them to take action.

Websites are there to convert. So, you need to be offering them quality content, which will not come by you trying to get the keyword “wooden fences” into the copy as many times as humanly possible.

They want useful information. They want the benefits. They want to know what’s in it for them and ultimately, why they should buy your product or service from you.

So, focus on giving your customers this – rather than worrying about getting the keywords into the copy.

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