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3 Powerful PPC Tips for 2014

2014 is now well under way, but you would be surprised just how many marketers haven‘t gotten around to streamlining their PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns yet. Many of the PPC tactics employed in 2013 will still work this year but there‘s set to be a push on certain types of strategy from small and large brands alike.


What are those strategies? They‘re as follows – RLSA and dynamic remarketing campaigns, ad extensions, and call tracking.


Let‘s take a look at each one with powerful tips to better integrate them into your own PPC strategy.


1. RLSA and Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns


Last year, remarketing boomed. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA ) Campaigns and Dynamic Remarketing for retailers is now widely available to Google Adwords advertisers which means if you aren‘t in on the game, your competitors probably are.


RLSA strategies are ideal for increasing reach and exposure. They represent a significant opportunity to optimise campaigns in a way that are going to target high value prospects, and the ability to tailor keyword bids and ad text ensures that targeting is always accurate.


Dynamic remarketing is the perfect strategy for delivering highly targeted advertisements to consumers based on what they have liked and where they have visited in the past.


Combined, both of these strategies are incredibly powerful. Consider these for your 2014 strategy.


2. Ad Extensions


For some reason, there are lots of brands out there that are not capitalising on the array of ad extensions available to them. Often, brands aren‘t using extensions at all. That‘s strange, because they are easy to set up and will increase click through rates significantly.


If your campaign is not up to date with the latest ad extensions, make sure it is. Ad Rank now factors in extension click-through rates and cost-per-click so it‘s vital that you are up to date to gather targeted and valuable information.


3. Call Tracking


The number of advertisers that use Google Adwords to generate phone calls is huge. Yet, the number of advertisers who fail to use call tracking software is huge too. What does this mean? Simply, many advertisers are not gathering enough valuable data about their campaign to tweak them to perfection.


Call tracking software is relatively inexpensive and will give you valuable information about where your sales and revenue come from. Phone call tracking software will help you accurately attribute credit and optimise campaigns and it is the perfect solution for any advertiser that uses Google Adwords to drive phone calls yet does not have the insight to determine what keywords are making them happen.

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