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6 PPC Tools for Keyword and Competitor Analysis

It isn’t a simple task creating the perfect pay-per-click campaign. In fact, marketers can spend years trying to tune their strategies to a point where they’re as good as they’re going to get. The challenge PPC marketers face is that their competition is constantly changing and variations of keywords and new phrases are born which require a shift in direction. It is this shift that pay-per-click marketers struggle to deal with, but this process can be made easier with third-party pay-per-click tools.

Keyword and competitor analysis tools for PPC

If you thought Google Adwords was the only tool at your disposal for keyword and competitor analysis, think again. Although using Google to carry out competitor research and keyword research is a reliable way to gather insight into a market, there are a range of unique tools out there that will help you do keyword, ad copy, profit, and competitor analysis plus much more.

If you currently manage any PPC strategies, you are missing a trick by not using third-party pay-per-click tools. Here’s 6 tools you should be using for competitor, keyword, ad copy, and profit analysis.

1. KeywordCompetitor

KeywordCompetitor offers something Google does not – the ability to get your competitors’ paid keywords, ads, and landing pages. This is incredibly valuable data that can be used to tune your own PPCstrategy. This tool will also update you daily on any changes to competitor ads so you know if your competition starts to gain on you. Pricing for this tool starts from $29 per month.

2. iSpionage

iSpionage offers slightly different data sets to KeywordCompetitor but it’s just as valuable if not more valuable to your pay-per-click campaign. With this PPC tool, you can gain insight into your competitors’ most effective keywords, ad copy, and ad budget, and for your own strategy this level of data will be invaluable. Pricing for this tool starts from $59 per month and it’s among the best in the world.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush takes a different approach to PPC strategy than KeywordCompetitor or iSpionage. This tool is the best option for quickly finding your PPC competitors based on the keywords you plan to target. In other words, SEMrush is great for planning out a future strategy. You can also look into the ad copy used by the competition and see who tops the paid results. Pricing starts from $69.95 per month.

4. KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy is a rock-solid tool that offers a valuable feature – the ability to uncover the competitive landscape and discover competitors’ PPC campaign strategies. You can even pinpoint profitable keywords targeted by the competition and any successful ad copy used. There is also a unique ROIindicator that can be used to see the value of keywords. Pricing starts from $89.95 per month.

5. SpyFu

SpyFu is the wild card on our list. It lacks a pretty interface, but it makes up for that with some powerful features, chief of which is the ability to discover every place a competitor has shown up on Google as well as all ad variations used by that competitor. This data can then be used to create a roadmap for ad variations in your own strategy. Pricing for this tool starts from $79 per month.

6. Adbeat

Adbeat is a powerful pay-per-click tool that allows you to browse top ads and ads by format, as well as uncover competitor strategy and spy on ad copy with split testing. It also lists the number of days an ad was live and the exact dates it was first seen and last seen. This data will help you to pick out any potential trends. Pricing for this tool starts from $99 per month.

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