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CRO Tips – Easy ways to boost sales

Driving thousands of people to your website using good SEO and PPC is one thing, but when you get them where you need to convert them into customers too. A good conversion rate will hover between 2%-5% but it is possible to achieve much better rates than this. Just a 1% improvement in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) can have a huge impact on your business, so herein we explore the easy ways in which you can boost sales by improving CRO.

1 – Use effective headlines

A headline needs to summarise your pitch into one bold sentence. If a customer is unsure what they are reading about you will lose them straight away.

2 – Use strategic CTAs

Calls to action are very important and should be used to instruct your visitors to behave in a particular way. Calls to need to be strategic because even their location on the page can impact how effective they are.

3 – Use simplistic navigation

Customers will only invest a very brief period in finding what they want on your website. If they cannot find the information they need then you will lose them rapidly, so simplistic navigation is essential. As a general rule, nothing on your website should be more than two steps away from the customer or you risk losing them to poor CRO.

4 – Ensure your pages load quickly

Page loading speeds are vitally important. Customers will simply click away if pages load too slowly. A significant demonstration of this is the calculation that a one-second delay on load time would cost a retailer such as Amazon up to $1.6 billion in annual revenue. Load time is essential and your customers won’t wait for you.

5 – Use trust symbols

There remains a scepticism about online transactions. Websites that do not have trust symbols in place have been shown to be less successful than those that display them. Using trust symbols to show that your payments are secured will help to boost CRO.

6 – Optimise for mobile

One of the most common CRO mistakes is to ignore mobile platforms. Mobile website use exceeded desktop website use in 2013, so it is long overdue for companies to consider CRO on mobile devices too.

These simple tips can help to increase your conversion rates and boost revenues for a company. Investing in just a 1% improvement in CRO will greatly improve the success of your company.

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