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Five Reasons you should Bid on your Brand Name in PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an exact science and it takes time, and a dedicated expert, to understand what are the right tactics for your company. Tiny tweaks can give you massive advantages over the competition, and it pays to know what your competitors are doing.

But you must also ensure that you are not losing out when it comes to your own brand name. you may think that your natural SEO rankings and SEM efforts are doing enough to keep your brand name at the top of the results pages for certain search terms, but we are here to tell you that you should be bidding on your brand name in your PPC campaigns.

  • Authenticity
    For branded keyword searches on your company there should be no doubt that you are the real deal. Paid ads for your name can enhance exposure and reassure searchers that you take your business seriously. The top of the search page is prime real estate and if for any reason your natural listing should fall a paid ad at the top could keep you in the spotlight.
  • Keep competitors out
    Other brands will look to bid on your terms in a bid to steal traffic away from you. You can bet that if you don’t buy your brand terms in PPC someone else will, and why should you let them take an easy advantage? Mark your territory before someone else muscles in!
  • React quickly
    PPC is a much quicker way to influence SERPS than SEO tactics. Updating meta tags can be done quickly, but it could be weeks before the Google bots recognise the changes and update your listing. Paid ads give you more control to create a specific message, and then allow you to get that message to searchers much more quickly.
  • Support other efforts
    A branded PPC campaign can support your overall SEM strategy, helping to offset keywords with lower quality scores and bring up your average score for your account. The higher your search volume, the greater the all-round effect.
  • Spend wisely
    Depending on how competitive your market is, and how savvy your rivals are, bidding on your brand terms in PPC should be relatively cheap. And conversions rates can be very high. These things add up to quality traffic from visitors who are already primed to interact with your business, at a relatively low cost to you. It is cost-effective and time-effective.

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