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Quick Tips to Optimise your PPC Campaigns

The traditional mindset of implementing a paid search campaign begins with determining which keywords to target. As successful as this strategy can be, though, a more modern mindset is to begin with what targeted traffic will produce the most conversions. 

This means you will be capsizing your mindset – determining which keyword to target starts at the beginning of a strategy, while thinking about what targeted traffic will produce the most conversions focuses on the end goal. But here‘s the thing – most marketers believe that they are considering the end goal, only to four or five months down the line realise that their PPC campaign has not been built in the right way. 

Ultimately, a campaign might have high costs/conversions.

So what can you do?

Here‘s some quick tips to optimise your PPC campaigns. These will help you to make improvements to your PPC strategy from within your PPC account. 

Reverse Engineer to Path of Purchase

One of the most valuable assets of a PPC marketer is that they understand how their customers are shopping. Without this insight, a marketer will be operating blindfolded.

If you consider a funnel with five elements; awareness, interest, discovery, consideration, sale; it is important to understand at which stage of that funnel your shoppers are coming from. 

You can only garner this level of insight from analytics, which is why Google Analytics and Adwords are a match made in heaven – use GA to create reports on behaviour, acquisition, and conversion flow, and from this determine the standard path to conversion. 

Google Conversions and Analytics

Google Adwords now syncs with Google Analytics conversion data in Google Conversions. With this feature you can now view from the Google Adwords interface where conversions are happening, such as ads, keywords, etc. You can also segment views to make appropriate comparisons between elements. 


This segmenting feature is incredibly useful, and you should take advantage of it. You can segment time, network, click type, devices, top versus other, and use Google Adwords’ Conversion Rate Optimiser to dynamically bid on your behalf.

Top Versus Other is perhaps the most valuable segment. With this you can see how ads perform at the top of paid search result positions 1 – 3 and compare data with positions 4 – 10. This can help you determine whether or not being in the top 3 results is more valuable.


Rather than offer tips on how to optimise your campaigns with major changes to website copy, I thought it would be best to address the effectiveness of your campaign. Use the quick tips above to take hold of your PPC campaign from within your Adwords dashboard and make sure that you use Google Analytics properly to make beneficial changes to strategy. 

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