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The importance of local SEO

If you are looking to improve your online visibility, locally focused SEO will give you a boost. Google is always working to improve the quality of its listings and thanks to the new Local Program the door is now open to great opportunities for local companies.

Location data

Many people are surprised by how much Google knows about them, but the data it gathers includes our interests, music we listen to, videos we watch and places we visit. This allows Google to build a snapshot of your engagement with the world around you.

Google is beginning to use this location services data to analyse which businesses mobile users are visiting. As smartphone users search for a business, visit the premises and then place a review, the location services alert Google, so the system will know exactly where you have been.

Google analyses the data to determine a level of local engagement and is beginning to use this as a factor to determine search results. We have put together the useful list of tips below to help you boost your local engagement.

Reviews – Look for popular review management systems in your local area and try to encourage your customers to leave a great testimonial. Many businesses point their customers to the Google review service, but other review sites will also provide your local engagement with a boost by bolstering other local SEO efforts.

Email marketing – If you send email updates or write a regular newsletter, keep the content interesting so your subscribers stay signed up. If your contacts are using Gmail, Google can see whether they have opened your email. This low level of engagement could in theory, encourage the search engine to view your business as poor quality.

Directions – If you are already providing directions to your business on your website, provide them through a custom link on your contact page, emails and website footer. The link will act as an engagement signal whenever it is clicked.

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