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3 Predictions on SEO’s Future

Although the basics of SEO will remain the same, it will have to adapt to the ever-changing environment. Businesses that want to stay relevant in the future must take note of how the changes will impact on their digital marketing strategies. Let’s look at three SEO predictions for the future.

UX to play a more prominent role

Google is very obsessed with the user, and with search results getting more customised, UX will play a significant role in search. So, if your web content is not engaging, no matter the quality of information you have, you’ll lose out in the race for higher rankings.

Businesses should focus on positioning their sites by learning their users inside out while creating content that isn’t just helpful but also engaging. You can achieve this if you use the free analytic tools provided by Google to track and learn more about your users. Tools like Search Console, which are free, have sufficient information to get you started.

AMP will be a ranking factor

Were now living in a mobile-first world, where the way we interact, search and buy is entirely different. With the mobile taking centre stage in searches, Google is working to make it the primary index to be used when pulling search queries.

Additionally, Google is pushing for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to ensure that speed is an essential aspect of search engine optimisation. Although AMP is not a ranking signal, it has an impact on website performance and searches.

AMP prominently features in mobile search results, in most cases above organic listings. If you wait for it to be the main ranking signal before you implement it, you’ll have lost a lot of traffic. So, and it’s advisable to start building AMP pages now.

AI will run Google search

When Google introduced Rankbrain in 2016, most marketers were completely confounded by the development. We now know that it uses AI and is one of the top three search ranking factors used by Google.

Artificial intelligence will significantly revolutionise SEO. Instead of relying on static formula, AI will utilise user experience, machine learning and big data to meet user needs. By using machines for search, Google will benefit from their abilities to understand web content and learn patterns, thereby providing more accurate results. Additionally, AI will eliminate black-hat SEO, which is a good development within the industry.

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