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3 social media practices that can help boost SEO

SEO and social media marketing are interconnected strategies. Both are inbound and organic strategies that aim to build an identity that’s appealing and attracts visitors naturally. Since your social media strategy will rely on a strong brand presence and high-quality content, you often find the efforts you spend on SEO can equally improve your social media reach. It’s no secret either that your social media presence can benefit your search engine rankings.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of three social media practices that are shown to effectively boost your SEO.

1. Grow your followers

The number of followers your social media profiles contain does influence your search engine rankings. For example, a company with 200 Twitter followers won’t receive the ranking bonus of a mega-corporation with a million Twitter and Facebook follows and likes. However, that doesn’t mean you should suddenly “buy” followers; Google is too smart for that. It can detect the quality of your followers, meaning buying them isn’t going to do much for your overall rankings.

Also, buying followers doesn’t exactly mean you will achieve your desired call-to-action. Rather, you need to build your following organically by presenting your brand both consistently and uniquely. Post relevant and useful content, and engage with your audience. Building an organic following requires time and patience.

2. Encouraging external inbound links

Social media is useful as it encourages more external sites to link to your content. This will increase the range of external links you have and increase your domain authority in the eyes of Google. Of course, don’t forget you will need the high-quality content in place otherwise there will be nothing to attract links!

3. Optimising your posts for searches

This strategy will rely on pre-existing content (showing the importance!), but it opens a second channel for search. In addition to Knowledge Graph entries and news articles, Google also tends to place importance on popular social media updates in the top area of its pages. It is, therefore, a key position you can attain by making sure your content is optimised for the opportunity.

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