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Is backlinking the missing part of your SEO strategy?

Much of a sound SEO strategy comes down to making long-term adjustments which can bring long-term results, but if you are prepared to invest more of your time, you can also reap more rewards when it comes to rankings boosts. Incorporating backlinking into your overall SEO plan is able to make a big difference, and in this article we define backlinking and offer some tips.

Backlinking defined

When you secure a link to your website from a legitimate internet site, this is known as a backlink. These could be a popular social media network, respected media platform or special interest forum. The link takes visitors to a page on your website, and if these sites have a high domain authority, then even better!

How to backlink?

Google has got wise to the use of ‘black hat’ backlinking which use sites specifically set up for the purpose of the technique to be used for building backlinks. This being the case, producing quality content in which to place backlinks can now be the key to a backlinking strategy. It might take a bit more time, but the rewards can be worth it.

Creating content for backlinking

It must be remembered that the purpose of backlinking is to achieve links, and these can be placed in content which engages the reader or viewer. It could be a blog, video or infographic, but it should represent an attractive proposition for an editor or admin to use on their site – the rewards for you, of course, will be a backlink where you want one. And the more the content is read and shared, the more chance you have of attracting visitors to your site.

The PR part

Naturally, some of the most desirable locations for backlinks to be placed are media platforms such as consumer sites or newspaper home pages – these sites are generally ranked highly on Google. When aiming to achieve backlinks on these sites, you should concentrate on providing exclusive, unique content which is not easily attained elsewhere, and don’t forget about your relationships with the editors and journalists who control the site!

So there is a crash course in backlinking – the benefits of a successful backlinking strategy make the practice worthwhile.

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