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Common SEO Mistakes

When done right, SEO is one of the most effective ways of getting your marketing message out there. When done wrong, it can be an utter waste of your precious time. Here are a few of the most common pitfalls to avoid when designing and executing your SEO strategy.

No content marketing strategy

Content that is created and distributed in accordance with a specific, documented marketing strategy will be far more valuable than content created haphazardly with no goal in mind. Identify specific business goals that you wish to achieve – gaining more customers for your lesser-known services, for example – and devise a plan to produce and promote content that will further these goals.

Poorly executed content

If the content misses the mark too many times, people will stop paying attention to it. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors. A text-only blog will look boring – add images to punch it up. Communicate with your customers about the issues that interest and concern them, and make sure you’re discussing those topics in your content. Don’t limit your content to blog posts alone but add other media like videos, podcasts and social media posts.

No keyword optimisation

One of the many benefits of SEO is that it draws people to your website, where you can hopefully turn them into customers. However, if you’re selling office equipment in Grand Rapids and your website makes its first appearance on page 11 for a web search of “Grand Rapids office equipment” it’s unlikely that many internet users will keep looking long enough to find you. An essential component of good search engine rankings is keyword optimisation. Help from a professional can help you learn and apply these techniques to your content.

Not analysing results and adjusting the strategy

Once you’ve implemented your SEO strategy, make sure to analyse the results and tweak the policy as needed. For example, if blog posts featuring interviews with local experts prompt more people to visit your online catalogue, it’s a good idea to schedule more of those posts in the future and fewer of posts that just aren’t working.

Search engine optimization offers great opportunities for growing your customer base. Please contact us to learn how we can help you.

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