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Disavow Generator – A New Tool to Disavow Your Bad Links

We’ve just launched a disavow generator that will make it easy for you to create, correctly format and submit a Disavow file to Google so that you can let them know about any bad links that may be affecting your site’s performance in their search results. It can save you a lot of time.

Why should you submit a Disavow file?

If you’ve used a bad SEO in the past, or built bad and artificial links yourself, or are under attack from negative SEO – these are all reasons to consider using Google’s Disavow Tool.

Before turning to the Disavow Tool, though, you should first try to make content with as many of the webmasters as possible with a link removal request, and be sure to document this in your Disavow file when submitting it to Google as they’ll want to see that you’ve made an effort to clean up.

Use the Disavow Generator here:

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