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Five easy ways of improving your website’s conversion rate

It’s one thing to get customers to visit your site, and another to convert the traffic into sales. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is an essential area of focus on e-commerce websites. CRO is all about convincing potential customers to buy, sign up for services or take action. Below are five useful tips for boosting conversions.

1) Analyse conversions and run tests

Before trying anything, you first need to know how well your site is doing at conversions. Use analytic tools to study and calculate your conversion rate. Next, identify problematic areas of the website that need improvements. From there, run A/B tests while adjusting and optimising specific features for conversions.

2) Design a sales funnel

A sales funnel is the path taken by a customer while making a purchase. Essentially, an effective sales funnel should create awareness of the product and brand, build interest, and compel the customer to make a decision that leads to a sale. Create features that conveniently escort customers from the landing page all the way to checkout.

3) Engage customers during the purchase process

The purchase process is critical for both the customer and the business. While the buyer makes a purchase, you’re presented with a unique opportunity to practice some sales techniques to guarantee conversion. For instance, you could try personalised up-selling, cross-selling and down-selling depending on the situation. Remember, this may be your final chance to convince the customer to buy.

4) Keep navigation simple

Straight forward intuitive navigation is key to boosting conversions. Keep things simple and easy to follow. Also, ensure that there are no distractions along the way; attract the customer’s attention only to the crucial features. Poor navigation frustrates users and hurts conversions and SEO ranking.

5) Promote trust

Customers want to buy from brands and businesses they can trust. Including things like images of staff members, live chat, contact and address information, certification seals, testimonials, reviews, and case studies on your pages go a long way in building trust and credibility.


Hopefully, the tips above will give you an idea on how to raise your conversation rate. Keep in mind that every business is unique; your audience may respond better to some CRO method than to others. It’s, therefore, important to run thorough analysis and tests before implementing any major changes.

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