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Four free top tools for SEO spring-cleaning in 2019

A new year may have rolled around but technology never stands still. Now that the dust has settled on 2019, here are some of our favourite tools to help improve your site that don’t cost a penny to use and should be at the fingertips of any in-house team.

Starting with-

1. Dareboost 

One of the ‘dark arts’ of SEO involves looking at the composition of your site to see where it could be technically improved. Often a gruelling task, sites like Dareboost help you take a quick audit of your site, succinctly listing any required changes. While the full tool comes at a premium, their free ‘Quality Test’ tool is a fantastic starting point to guide your future development.

2. SemRush 

A huge draw for companies looking at SEO is the discipline’s ability to ‘leapfrog’ your direct competition when it comes to Google rankings and improving your overall visibility. SEMRush can help you find the keywords that your opponents rank for and articulate your SEO plan to take them head-on. The platform is free for basic users but also expands to give comprehensive guidance for power-users. A definite essential in any company’s toolkit.

3. Google Mobile Friendly

Optimising your content for mobile and smart devices is increasingly important for any business. When it comes to making sure that your site is optimised for all kinds of browsing, there’s no better choice than Google’s own Mobile Friendly Page. This lets you instantly confirm if you are up to snuff and highlights some simple ways that you can look to improve your layout and back-end setup.

4. WooRank

Want to know where you stand in the global marketplace? WooRank has you covered. Available as a free Chrome extension. WooRank lets you undergo surprisingly deep SEO analysis throughout your site and anyone else’s, letting you harvest useful tips. Its trademark feature is their ‘Marketing Checklist’ that allows you to get a no-fluff, point-by-point analysis of what you need to do and plainly confirms if you’re doing it right.

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