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How far can backlinking take your SEO strategy?

Are you a marketing manager or business owner? You might have heard about backlinking, but became perturbed by the complexities relating to it. Alternatively, it might be a term you are not yet familiar with.

Either way, we are here to tell you why backlinking could be the missing piece in your SEO jigsaw.

How do you backlink?

Backlinking essentially means placing links to your site on other websites which are well respected by Google. That means well read news platforms or social media networks – you can assess the desirability of some sites to some degree by checking their domain authority using a checker, such as Moz. The placing of these links within organic content is understood to improve the SEO ranking of the site being linked to, making the achievement of hyperlinks on a high performing site: something which is much-coveted in the SEO world.

Making the right contacts

If you are thinking of throwing money at your backlinking strategy, it might be that devoting time is actually more important. That’s because many of the platforms which are ideal for placing links on are editorially controlled, and won’t take money in exchange for allowing links to be placed. That means cultivating relationships over a period of time becomes crucial, getting to know the right site admins and journalists. You must ensure that you are offering something of value in exchange for the placing of the link. It could be exclusive content – from text to infographics or video. Or it could be that you offer to provide a link to a website from your own site, in a ‘swap deal’ of sorts.

Reap the rewards

It is worth putting weeks and months into an effective backlinking strategy, because once you are on a roll, you can look forward to several benefits. Firstly, your SEO ranking stands to be improved by the placement of the right links on the right platforms. You could also see an increase in traffic as a result of new visitors following the link, and then there is the positive PR which you could enjoy, especially if you base your backlinking strategy around relevant and engaging content.

Whether you are determined to go solo with your backlinking, or employ expert help, it is worth putting the time into your strategy, with a view to making long-lasting SEO improvements.

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