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How to localise your SEO; two things you must do

One of the biggest challenges for SMEs and local businesses is getting their name out there, and it can be challenging for startups to do this, especially if they have little experience in marking or promotion. A well-known way of achieving this is through SEO or search engine optimisation. By using keywords that your target audience will type into search engines such as Google, you can organically increase the position your website appears in the rankings. This makes it more likely for a searcher to follow the link to your site, thus giving you the opportunity to convert them and make some sales.

However, this can be tricky when you operate in a geographically restricted area; it can be difficult to link your SEO strategy to a localised territory. As such, our experts at Epic News Media have analysed this, and found the two key actions your website manager needs to know in order to localise your SEO strategy.

1. Use place names as keywords

Along with using the right keywords for your business, it is equally as important to link place names, towns and cities to your website in order to allow for people to searching keywords with geographic locations in them to find you. Try and be a broad as possible, so include all the cities, towns and counties in which you operate.

2. Use correct keywords

While ‘services in Manchester’ may seem the same as ‘services Manchester’ to a human mind, to a computer algorithm they are completely different. When people add locations to their search terms, they often neglect to include a preposition, so ensure that your website content reflects this, so that the algorithms will pick up the keywords within your content.

By using both of these throughout your website, you can ensure that you are helping to increase your SEO and list rankings, while also ensuring that you are localising your website too.

At Epic News Media, we pride ourselves on helping companies with SEO and PPC, as well and website development and social media strategies.

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