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​How to use your existing content to improve SEO

Everyone knows that content is king when it comes to creating an interesting, engaging website that is great for visitors and SEO, but too often website owners forget about all the existing content they have and concentrate only on creating new pieces. This could mean they are missing out on some important content marketing opportunities.

An important element of search engine optimisation (SEO) is content marketing, so if you already have loads of great content on your site you have a library of pieces you could use to enhance your online presence and take your website to new visitors.

As part of your SEO strategy, great content should be relevant, interesting and engaging to your target audience. You should have quality landing pages, advice and how-to guides, blogs, news articles and comment pieces that show your company as a market-leader with experience, knowledge and authority in the field.

Look through your web pages and mark out the best pieces of content that can be re-used in your SEOcontent marketing strategy. We suggest three key ways you can utilise this existing copy to boost your online presence.

1.Share socially

Your social media presence is an integral part of a successful content marketing strategy. Engage with your customers and leads on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to help you reach out to them in a way that is less formal and gives a greater chance of engagement. There is an added benefit too, as with great shareable content your direct links can be persuaded to share your content to their contacts, helping to take your company to a wider audience. The benefits of sharing your content on social networks are multiple – not only will you drive more traffic to your sites, build relationships and reach new audiences, but social signals are taken into account in search engine rankings too so your listing could be bolstered.

2.Promote via email

Use your direct marketing strategy alongside content marketing to promote and other interesting articles. Focus on the information on your site that is most useful and your unique, quality content on your site. When you send a marketing email do not give recipients the whole piece in their inbox though – use an extract to encourage them to visit your site to read the full piece appropriate to your email contacts – do not bombard them with anything and everything just because you can.

3.Build on your content

If you have a particularly popular or informative piece of content, or have some interesting research, use it as a base to create an e-book or whitepaper. You can use this to go into greater detail on a certain topic and bring back people to your site to get more great content. A bigger piece of content like this is a great way to really cement your place at the top of your industry and place a strong call-to-action to generate new leads and sales.

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