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How to improve your SEO ranking with immediate effect

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing and continuous process, but there are immediate results that can be obtained with some simple updates. If you have been using keywords, but aren’t seeing the results that you want, then try these simple tips to improve your ranking immediately.

Provide useful content

Increasing the dwell time on your site by getting people to stay and read your website will increase your ranking straight away. Instead of churning out content, take the time to produce interesting content to keep people on your page.

Improve load speed

Improving the page load speed of your website can increase your ranking. Optimising image sizes and caching plug-ins can instantly improve this.

Optimise the images

Images can be optimised with keywords in the file name, this will help the search engine to rank the page more effectively. Using alt tags, titles and descriptions can also increase the ranking value of images.

Header tags

Good formatting with header tags is a key part of search engine marketing. It helps the reader and also helps boost your rankings in the search engine.

Use outbound links

Linking to other resources on the web shows that you are properly researching and crediting your content. Linking to well-respected sites can help to improve your rankings by associating your pages with them.

Remove broken links

Any links that take you to a 404 page need to be removed or fixed. Broken links will affect your ranking so removing them can help you to climb up the ranks.

Contact us

Search engines value accountability, so having a contact us page can actually boost you up the search engine rankings. Providing good details about your business including address, phone number and email will increase your ranking capabilities.

Site architecture

Websites that require a lot of clicks to reach a particular area will be less well ranked than those with good architecture. As a rule, no page should take more than three clicks to reach from the landing page.

Mobile optimisation

If your website is not mobile friendly then you will slip massively down the search engine rankings. Improve the mobile interface and jump up the ranks significantly.

These simple steps can massively improve your search engine optimisation and will have an immediate effect.

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