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Link Diversity – The Key to Success in Google

I started learning about SEO in 2005, and back then it was extremely easy to rank a website as Google‘s defence against SPAM, PageRank manipulation and link schemes was extremely poor. Plus, they didn‘t have as many ranking factors as they do now.

Over the years, they have slowly improved their algorithm and can now detect a large percentage of the websites actively working to manipulate their results.

Google can (and will) detect:

– Paid links, press releases and other artificial links
– Low quality, spun and thin content
– Low visitor engagement
– Keyword Stuffing and other on-page abuse

Link Diversity – More Important Than Ever

It‘s time to get smart and understand that the key to success is diversity.

If you care about your business, you need to focus on a long-term strategy to acheive the results you desire. It‘s not going to happen overnight, and if it does, it will be gone from weeks to months later – it‘s simply not worth it.

Google isn‘t stupid – they can find patterns of manipulation in even the smallest of link profiles, and they‘re getting better at it every single year.

The perfect link profile consists of EVERY kind of link in existence. Yes, really!

Nothing looks more natural and organic than links of every kind pointing at your website.

Links placed by the average internet user will be naturally diverse because they‘re not trying to manipulate anything, but have made the conscious decision to link to a website they like and won‘t use keyword rich anchor text unless it‘s a sites name.


– Use brand anchor text a high percentage of the time
– Use common terms like ‘click here’ etc.
– Build some links with the nofollow attribute
– Build links using images
– Write amazing content to attract natural links


– Use keyword rich anchor text more than 10% of the time
– Build links only using the follow attribute
– Pay for links on blog networks
– Use sitewide links with keyword rich anchor text

Build links as if you were an average internet user and you‘ll be successful.

Epic New Media – We Get ‘It’

Fortunately, we get it.

We don‘t go out there and aim for quick rankings and take unnecessary risks because we care about our clients and their results. We want to impress you the right way!

We know that a long-term strategy is the correct strategy and we aim for that with all of our clients – there are no exceptions as Google penalties can cost businesses a lot of money, and our goal is to make you more money, not cost you money.

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