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On-page and off-page SEO: What is the difference?

Any modern business needs to use the latest marketing tools to help them reach more people and attract more customers. Digital marketing is a well-established way of doing this and helps you to engage with consumers on a much greater scale. Search Engine Optimisation is one core element of digital marketing that will really help people find you when they search online.

Although people see SEO as one whole thing, it can be broken down further into two core elements – on-page SEO and off-page SEO. But what exactly is meant by these two terms?

On-page SEO explained

In simple terms, this type of search engine optimisation activity refers to anything you do directly on your website to help. It is called on-page as it involves making positive changes to the pages of your site. Common forms of this kind of SEO include internal linking, keyword optimisation, optimising HTML code, setting up title tags correctly and working on alt tags. As well as practical measures like this, it will also look at the quality of the content on your site, how fast your page load speeds are and how user-friendly everything is. By focusing on these areas of your site, it can help give your position in the search engine rankings a real boost.

Off-page SEO

When it comes to this kind of SEO, it basically refers to anything which is not based on tweaking your website. This can be quite wide-ranging and will also have a positive impact on your ranking if done right. Common off-page methods include building up quality backlinks, using social media to help, guest posting and marketing your content in general. If it is something that you do to help get higher in the SERP’s but doesn’t involve working on your website, it will count as an off-page method.

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