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Quick and easy tips for instant SEO investment gains

Successful SEO is an investment that takes time and money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put the wheels in motion with a little extra time and effort right now. These tips are well worth the time and will help to grow your rankings for the targeted keywords that matter most to you.

Work on those keywords

Spend time gathering a relevant list of targeted keywords that help visitors to find your content. Be specific and as niche as you can to avoid competing unnecessarily with bigger players who aren’t really in your market. Use keyword analysis tools and your own ideas and knowledge to craft a working list.

Provide content that encourages visitors to stay

Dwell time on your website increases ranking and research suggests that articles of around 2,500 words are optimum in terms of maximising this time spent engaging with your website content. But for this to happen, your content needs to be of excellent quality and offer real value. Spend time brainstorming topic ideas that matter to your customers and then invest in copywriting for the perfect tone of voice and messaging.

Make sure pages are loading quickly

Several search engines take page loading speed into consideration for ranking, so identify slow websites and then ask your developer to identify and fix underlying issues. These can be things such as excess redirects, unnecessary plug-ins, overly large images or outdated code.

Add image tags

Optimise your images by adding keywords into the alt tag and meta description in your CMS. Save images with a keyword rich title.

Include quality outbound links

Look for opportunities to link to quality ‘authority’ sites that search engines will value as a mark of trust. Reputable news sites, industry bodies and regulatory sites are good examples.

Use keyword rich titles

When writing a title, include keywords that answer the who, what, where and when. For example: Emergency vehicle recovery in Reading 24/7. Use H1, H2 and H3 tags as needed, remembering that titles break up text and also help searchbots to rank your website accurately.

Rich media

Don’t just write content – film it and create photos, audio and slideshows for maximum engagement with your audience.

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