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SEO and Evergreen content

Evergreen content – those longer lasting articles and webpages that your business uses to showcase your offer – is often thought of as secondary to new content.

We often hear that fresh and engaging content is the way to go and that regular blogging is the way to keep Google happy.

So what’s the point to evergreen content? Where do you put your focus? Here’s our guide on when to use it and how to ensure your SEO is still on point.

Evergreen content can improve the long click test

Well written, good quality articles mean the person reading them is likely to spend more time on the page, which tells Google they like your content and increases your chances of rankly more highly. If you have a library of evergreen content, with internal links to different pages, you’re going to keep your customer engrossed for a much longer period.

Evergreen content seeks to address an information need

Evergreen content is usually telling your customers about something useful to them; statistics, information, reviews etc., so it’s addressing a need. Strong long-term content is also likely to be linked to from other websites, which will increase your click rates and site traffic.

It continues to drive results

Long after a news item has become irrelevant, your evergreen content will keep its relevance and this will keep bringing traffic to your site, and others will link to your content. Evidence on site traffic shows that over time evergreen content brings higher site traffic.

So how do you get the most out of evergreen content? Follow the below steps to create content that will keep you ranking highly:

1. Make sure you include the keywords you want to rank for – identify the keywords people use to search for your site and make sure they’re included.
2. Keep it updated – schedule revisions to ensure accuracy and good quality content and keep your page relevant.
3. Make sure your article is of good quality and addressing a need for customers.
4. Link to other good quality evergreen content in your industry.

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