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SEO myths it’s time to leave behind

Everyone has heard the myths that perpetuate about the SEO industry, but in a digital world that changes so often, it’s hard to sort the fact from the fiction. Here are some SEO myths that definitely need to be put to bed once and for all!

SEO gains can be achieved overnight

That online expert who claims you can enjoy instant results with a healthy immediate payment for services rendered is simply attempting to pull the wool over your eyes. SEO takes time, effort, knowledge and commitment. Remember, your competitors are also investing in their SEO activity, so you need to be consistent and smart in your approach to stay ahead of the game. It’s a slow-burn investment that will reap rewards if you take it seriously and commit to seeing the results.

SEO is a waste of time

Absolutely not! Marketing now predominates in the digital space and your potential customers will invariably click on the first few results for their chosen results – meaning that you have an opportunity to be seen… or not seen. SEO activity delivered with a strong strategy will absolutely reap sustainable rewards in the long-term, but it must always be seen as an ongoing activity delivered alongside online marketing, PPC and other digital strategies to enjoy the biggest gains.

You just need lots of keywords

There was a time when Google was amenable to keyword stuffing; however, those days are long gone and websites which employ such dubious techniques will be penalised in the rankings. Today’s algorithms are hugely sophisticated and can assess a reputable, authority-based website instantly, ranking it highly and penalising those sites which use black hat or dubious techniques in an attempt to bypass Google’s intention: to direct visitors to the best source of content for their search.

You need to spend a fortune to see results

Again, not true. Today, even small and local businesses can compete strongly online with the use of clever targeting, thoughtful content and the use of Google features such as Google local. SEO is now niche, focused and designed to provide real value to human readers – something even the smallest businesses can achieve with a modest budget and ongoing delivery.

So, ready to think about SEO and the gains for your business in a new light? Contact us today to find out more and see how we could help you.

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